Law Consultancy

Law Consultancy

Legal consultancy is providing consultancy and realization of legal transactions by providing guidance regarding all kinds of problems that companies and individuals have experienced in the legal field.

Legal consultancy is providing consultancy and realization of legal transactions by providing guidance regarding all kinds of problems that companies and individuals have experienced in the legal field. The person providing legal consultancy services must have a higher education in the field of law. For this, it is necessary to graduate from the Faculty of Law for 4 years and to complete the legal internship after graduation.

In the legal consultancy service, legal consultancy service is provided in legal matters that concern the individual within the legal system. In other words, it provides consultancy services on issues such as how to find solutions to all kinds of legal problems, how to file a lawsuit, what legal rights are and how to seek these rights. Legal consultancy service is to identify, diagnose and analyze the legal problems and disputes experienced or likely to be experienced by the party receiving the consultancy, and to produce the best solution.

It will be advantageous to work with experienced and successful people in cases where there is a legal need. Legal consultancy service in Turkey is a service provided for foreign citizens. Consultancy services are useful for foreign citizens who do not know the legal process in Turkey to get the legal support they need. The subjects that foreigners frequently receive legal advice are; Making, following up and concluding residence permit and residence permit extension applications for foreigners who want to live in Turkey.

Making, following up and finalizing the work permit, work permit extension application for foreigners planned to be employed in Turkey, including foreigners to be employed alongside legal entities subject to the Foreign Direct Investment Law. Making, following up and concluding family residence permit applications for spouses and children of people who will obtain a work permit in Turkey. Within the scope of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, the citizenship application procedures of foreigners who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship are carried out, followed up and finalized.

Within the scope of Value Added Tax Law No. 3065, subparagraph 13/i, making, following up and concluding the application for exemption from value added tax, which foreigners who are not resident in Turkey are obliged to pay in purchasing real estate in Turkey.
Other legal consultancy matters that foreigners may need; Regarding the deportation and cancellation of the foreigner, solving the legal situation of the foreigner who is at risk of deportation, filing a lawsuit for the cancellation of the deportation quickly for the person about whom the deportation decision has been made, and preventing the possible consequences of the deportation by taking the decision to stay the execution in this case.

In terms of opening a bank account to foreigners, collecting the necessary documents, considering the need for which the foreigner opened the bank account, opening the bank account in accordance with the law and making it suitable for the use of the foreigner. Legal consultancy provides many legal functions such as following the legal processes of individuals or companies, intervening without loss, legal reporting, tax cases, fulfillment of legal transactions of companies and individuals, legal transactions in the merger and acquisition processes of companies. Legal advice is useful for foreigners. It is difficult to intervene without knowing the system of the country, so it is beneficial to work with professional people.

Legal consultancy fee varies according to the transactions to be made. You can contact us if you have any questions about legal consultancy and if you want to receive legal consultancy service. As, we are working to provide you with quality services.


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