The bicycle, which has been used for many years, has changed and developed since its emergence.

The bicycle, which has been used for many years, has changed and developed since its emergence. There are many different types of bicycles available today. The user chooses the bike that is suitable for him according to the purpose of use. The bicycle, which almost everyone met in childhood, is a practical means of transportation.

It is also used as a means of transportation in many places where climate and city planning allow. The bicycle, which does not allow you to both do sports and reach your destination while going from one place to another, is very useful for transportation, especially in coastal towns. Alanya also has a convenient structure for cycling. On days when the weather is not rainy, you can often see people cycling on the coastal road. Cycling is one of the activities you can do with your friends. You can have a pleasant time on the routes where you can ride a bike. You can find detailed information about bike routes here.

Alanya is suitable for activities to be done outside with its structure intertwined with nature. Cycling is one of them. You can go to many places by bike with your own bike or by renting a bike. Alanya properties are preferred by many people in the summer, so there are many places that provide rental services. If you want to rent a bicycle when you come on holiday, you can rent it from places that provide this service.

We have compiled places where you can rent a bicycle for you; Alanya Rental Bicycle address: Saray Mahallesi Kalearkası Sk. No:11 Alanya, Antalya contact: +90 538 976 88 78

Emir bike and motorcycle rental; Güller Pınarı neighborhood, Saraçoğlu street, waterfall apartment, Alanya, Antalya communication; +90 533 657 03 75
Old Biker/Rental Bike; Opposite Cumhuriyet Highways Entrance, Ahmet Tokuş Blv. No:96/A, Alanya, Antalya communication; +90 532 242 77 65
Candy Bike; Girls Spring, neighborhood, Özmüftüoğlu Sk. Alanya, Antalya communication; +90 552 685 80 74

Alanya Star Rent A Car Motor Bike; Oba Mahallesi, Fatih caddesi 20.sokak irem apt, Alanya, Antalya iletişim; +90 532 604 46 70

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