Tersane Beach

Tersane Beach

It is a small beach located in front of the historical city walls between Kızılkule and Shipyard.

It is a beach located in the center of Alanya. It is a small beach located in front of the historical city walls between Kızılkule and Shipyard. The water of the beach, which has a small pebbly sand structure, is beautiful and clear. The beach is quite small compared to other beaches in Alanya.

Since it is located in front of the Shipyard and Kızılkule, these beautiful views accompany you while swimming. The beach is accessed from the area in front of Kızılkule, passing through a historical gate and descending the stairs. You can find information about Kızılkule here.

Although Tersane beach is small compared to other beaches, it is a beach preferred by many people. Being in the center is one of the major factors in choosing the beach. Shipyard beach is in shade most of the day. This feature is very attractive for those who do not want to stay in the sun.

It is possible to see the Tersane beach when you look down from the walls of Kızılkule. The perfect color of the sea almost calls itself. Most of those who come to see Kızılkule and Tersane can't stand it and leave themselves to the waters of Tersane beach. In the hot weather of Alanya, in the center, Tersane beach is a beach that can be preferred to swim and cool off.

Swimming in the sea accompanied by the visual feast offered by History, leaning against the walls and watching the sea when you get out of the sea is an activity you can only do at the Tersane beach. Tersane beach is a nice option to visit Kızılkule and Tersane and then get sea air and swim in the sea. Since it is located in the center, there are many options where you can buy food and drink.

At the same time, in the cafeterias located within the walls and orange groves, you can find pancakes, which is one of the local flavors of Turkish culture, and various foods and drinks. If you want, you can sit in the cafeterias and have your meals accompanied by the sea view, or you can buy them as a package and eat them at the Tersane beach. Tersane beach is not as big as the usual beaches in Alanya, but it has a different atmosphere. We recommend you to stop by Tersane beach while spending time in the center.

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