Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Alanya; Cleopatra beach was named after the last Hellenistic queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, who lived between 69 BC and 30 BC.

Alanya, located in Antalya, is a region that hosts millions of people every year. Thanks to the climate of this region, where the sea, sand and sun combine with all their beauties, all 4 seasons are beautiful.

Alanya is a location with a long coastline. It is possible to swim in almost every part of Alanya, which is located by the sea. Since Alanya is a very convenient area for the use of the sea, it also has many beaches.

Of course, like everywhere else, Alanya has its favorite beaches. One of the most popular beaches of Alanya; Cleopatra beach was named after the last Hellenistic queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, who lived between 69 BC and 30 BC. Legend has it that when the Roman general Antony gifted Alanya and its surroundings to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, Cleopatra would go down to Cleopatra beach every day to take a bath on the castle slope. In fact, Cleopatra had a tunnel that led directly from the castle to the beach, which she used when she wanted to swim. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, stopped by Alanya every time she went out in the Mediterranean and went to the sea on this beach.

The length of the Cleopatra beach, named after the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, is approximately 2 kilometers. Cleopatra beach fascinates those who see it with the beauty of the sea and especially the structure of the sand. It would not be a lie to say that it is the beach with the most beautiful sand of Alanya with its golden color and fineness of sand. It is a beach where people spend hours with its clear sea and wide beach.

One of the first reasons why Alanya is preferred for a holiday is its sea and the ability to swim for 5 months. Cleopatra beach is one of the blue flag beaches of Alanya. Cleopatra beach is a beach where you can sit on the beach with your friends in winter and watch the sea, in summer you can lie on its fine fine sands and feel the sun on your skin and swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

The entrance to the Cleopatra beach, which is visited by many people in summer and winter, is free. It is possible for those who wish to sit by laying their towels on the sand and swim in the sea. There are various rental places for those who want to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. At the same time, you can meet all your fast-food-style food and beverage needs at the beach kiosks that exist every 50 meters. In addition, you can benefit from activities such as parachuting, jet skiing, and pedalo from the boat along the coast. These recreational water sports are located outside the swimming area.

The best way to relax after swimming all day and getting tired is to watch the sun go down from the Cleopatra beach. Watching the sunset on the Cleopatra beach will be a unique experience. You will have the chance to take pictures with the sun setting over the sea behind you. You will want to watch the sunset from Cleopatra beach during your holiday.

It is very easy to reach the Cleopatra beach, which is only 2 kilometers away from the center of Alanya. Found location is a very busy area, many cafes are located. It will be an invaluable activity to take your drink and sit on the silky sands of Cleopatra beach and watch the sea.

You should come to Cleopatra beach as soon as possible to lie on the golden sands and feel the sun on your skin, while the perfect smell of the sea fills your nose with the light wind blowing from the sea in summer.

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