Districts of Alanya

Districts of Alanya

Alanya, which is one of the counties of Antalya City located in the Mediterranean region, has 102 districts.

Alanya, which is one of the counties of Antalya City located in the Mediterranean region, has 102 districts. Many of these districts are located by the sea, and the districts of Alanya located by the sea; Okurcalar, Avsallar, İncekum, Türkler, Payallar, Konaklı, Oba, Tosmur, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargicak, Demirtaş.

Mahmutlar, which has a population of approximately 50.000, is the most populated neighborhood of Alanya. It is located 10 kilometers from the center of Alanya. It is generally preferred by foreigners living in Alanya. Mahmutlar, which has increased its development in recent years, has become the favorite of those who want to own a house in Alanya. This has led to an increase in new constructions in this region. It offers good opportunities for those who want to invest. Although not as expensive as the center, the value of the houses increases over time. Mahmutlar, whose population continues to increase, is constantly developing. You can find detailed information about Mahmutlar here.

Another neighborhood with the highest population in Alanya is Oba neighborhood. Its population is about 30 thousand. Oba neighborhood is located 7 kilometers from Alanya. It is located in a location that can be considered close to the center. You can reach the center in about 10 minutes by transportation vehicle. Oba Neighborhood is constantly developing and renewing as the number of residents increases day by day. New buildings take the place of structures built many years ago. With its location close to the center and the beauty of its beach, it is a place often preferred by those who come to Alanya for holiday. Alanya State Hospital is also located in Oba Neighborhood. Alanya has always been a known region from past to present. Alanya, which contains all the beauties of the Mediterranean climate, receives many immigrants every year. For this reason, many neighborhoods of Alanya have developed. It is now more attractive to people to live in the surrounding neighborhoods rather than living in the center. Therefore, the population of the neighborhoods not far from the center is higher. After Mahmutlar and Oba neighborhoods, which have the highest population, the neighborhoods with a high rate of preference as the settlements with the highest population are; Neighborhoods are Cikcilli, Güller Pınarı, Konaklı, Saray and Avsallar.

Neighborhoods located in the center of Alanya are as follows; Bektaş District, Büyük Hasbahçe District, Çarşı District, Cikcilli District, Cumhuriyet District, Güller Pınarı District, Hacet District, Hacı Mehmetli District, Hisariçi District, Kadı Paşa District, Kizlar Spring District, Küçük Hasbahçe District, Saray District, Şekerhane District, Sugözü District , Tepe Mahallesi and Tophane Mahallesi.

Alanya, which has a nice climate in all seasons of the year, is a tourism city. There are hotels in many neighborhoods of Alanya, which is a tourism city. Smaller hotels are located in the center and close to the center, while larger hotels are located in neighborhoods a little further from the center, mostly on the coast. The neighborhoods with the most hotels in Alanya are Konaklı, Avsallar, Okurcalar, Payallar and Türkler neighborhoods. There are mostly 5* hotels here. The distance of these neighborhoods to the center is between 12-24 km.

Alanya, which is a coastal town, becomes a region preferred by more and more people every year, and this contributes to the development of its neighborhoods as well as the center of Alanya. Every neighborhood in Alanya has many opportunities as a living space. In every neighborhood, there are markets where you can shop and parks where children can play. Neighborhoods that are less developed compared to the developed ones, on the other hand, increase their development with the increasing population day by day.


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