Alanya Bazar Places

Alanya Bazar Places

Market culture is present in all provinces of Turkey. Many people go to the established markets every week to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

Market culture is present in all provinces of Turkey. Many people go to the established markets every week to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Markets in Alanya are also preferred by many people. In Alanya, which is a region where many vegetables and fruits are grown with its suitable climate, there are products brought by many villagers from their own garden in the market places. It is tremendous to have the opportunity to buy these products that have been collected and arrived half an hour before the branch. While walking around the market, you will be filled with energy with the colors offered by nature.

Many local and foreign people who come to Alanya on holiday definitely visit the established markets and buy fresh vegetables and fruits. At the same time, there are stalls where a wide variety of spices are sold apart from vegetable and fruit stalls, breakfast products such as cheese and olives are sold, products such as clothes, shoes and bags are sold, various toys are sold for children, and various products that may be needed for the home are sold.

Every place has a market day, and there is a market in almost every region once a week.

Located in the center of Alanya, the Friday market is held on Fridays, as the name suggests. The Market, which is established on a large area, is a market with many varieties. Güller Pınarı, Mahallesi, Sayar Sk. It is located at the address of Alanya/Antalya. You can reach the market place if you get off at the Cuma Pazarı stop when you take the buses to the center.

In Mahmutlar, Alanya's most populated neighborhood, a market is held twice a week. One of them is established on Saturday and the other is established on Tuesday. The market, which was set up on Tuesday, is located in Mahmutlar district, Barış Cd. It is located at the address of Alanya/Antalya. The Sunday, which is held on Saturday, is Mahmutlar Mah.125.Sok. It is located next to the Old Town Hall.

The market day in Alanya's Oba neighborhood is Monday. Oba Mah. Hacikadiroglu Cad. Located next to Hacıkadiroğlu Primary School, the market place is also close to the coastal road.

Alanya vegetable market, on Tuesday, Kizlarpinari Mah. It is set up next to the Cheap Public Market.

Tuesday Okurcalar vegetable market, a market in the Okurcalar region on Tuesday Okurcalar Mah. Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard is located opposite the Botanic Hotel.

Wednesday Konakli market is a market held on Wednesdays in Alanya's Konaklı neighborhood. Konakli Mah. It is located on Vatan Street, next to Konakli Medical.

Carsamba Avsallar bazaar is located in the Avsallar region of Pazar Avsallar Mah. Hacikadiroglu Cad. located at.

Wednesday Kestel market, Kestel Mah. Faculty Cad. Next to Total Petrol, on the Alanya-Gazipaşa Road, it is established on Wednesdays.

Thursday Tosmur market, Tosmur Mah.9. Shock. It is established behind the Cumhuriyet Police Station.

Saturday Cikcilli market, Cikcilli Mah. Belediye Cad. It is set up opposite the Villager Market.

Pazar Türkler bazaar, Türkler Mah. Zelenegors Cad. It is set up on Sundays next to the Old Town Hall.

Pazar Hacet market, Hacet Mah. Saraçlar Street is located next to Hacet Mosque.

The market is an important shopping place, it is often preferred for weekly fresh fruit and vegetable shopping. In many neighborhoods in Alanya, markets are held on certain days of the week. You can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and many more products by visiting the market place near you.

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