Sports in Alanya

Sports in Alanya

Alanya, with its beautiful weather in all 4 seasons, is a region suitable for sports, especially in the open air.

Alanya, with its beautiful weather in all 4 seasons, is a region suitable for sports, especially outdoors. Especially the coastline is a great option for walking with the sea view. In this region, where those who want to do sports can find many opportunities, the most popular sports are beach sports. In the spring and especially in the summer, you often see people playing beach volleyball and beach football on the beaches. 

There are many beach areas for beach volleyball, and the beach football field is also located in front of the Alanya Youth and Sports Center. It organizes professional beach football matches in Alanya.

You can get rid of the tiredness of the day by doing sports in a few hours that you will spare for yourself in the daily bustle of life. Those who make sports a part of their life should spare a few hours of their day for sports during their holidays. Alanya, with its clean air and convenient facilities, offers opportunities for those who come on vacation to continue their sports without interruption. You can do sports in the open air accompanied by the sea view with the sports equipment on the coastline.

Alanya is also very rich in terms of fitness centers. Almost every neighborhood has more than one fitness center. The fitness centers, which are frequently preferred by residents, also offer short-term membership opportunities for the benefit of those who come on vacation. You can find more detailed information about fitness centers here.


Especially in summer, people want to do outdoor activities rather than indoors. There are also opportunities in Alanya where you can do sports, compete and have fun with your friends in the open air. These; basketball courts, table tennis area, tennis courts, skateboarding areas.


Of course, swimming will be the most beautiful sport in Alanya, where the sea shows itself in all its splendor.


Swimming is a beneficial activity that works many muscle groups at the same time. You can swim a lot in Alanya, where you can swim almost 7 months of the year. Besides swimming, you can also canoe in the water.

 You can surf.. 

Another indispensable thing in Alanya is the bicycle. Many people in Alanya use bicycles as a means of transportation while commuting to work. Alanya, which has a flat structure in general, is suitable for cycling, especially on the coastline. It is enjoyable to ride a bike by the sea with the view.

Alanya, which is a tourism city, has many opportunities in terms of sports. You can see people walking along the coastline at all hours of the day, people playing volleyball on the sand, people playing table tennis in the table tennis area, and of course people riding bicycles in Alanya.



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