About Alanya

About Alanya

Alanya is an ancient tourism county of the City Antalya which is located in Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Distance to the Antalya City is 130 kilometers. Official population of Alanya is 331.000 at the year 2021, and also increasing fastly with house buyers and investors from European, Russia and Middle East countries. 

Alanya is a tourism town in Turkey's  Mediterranean Region Antalya province. Its distance from the city center is 130 kilometers. Located on the southern coast of Turkey, Alanya has an area of ​​1,598.51 km² and has a population of 331,000 people. It was established on a small peninsula with the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Since it was located on the line between Pamphylia and Cilicia in ancient times, it was sometimes referred to as Pamphylia and sometimes as Cilicia.

It is not yet known when and by whom Alanya was founded for the first time. The oldest known name of the city is Korakesium. In the Byzantine period, it was named Kalanoros. In the 13th century, the name of the city was changed to Alaiye after the Anatolian Seljuk Ruler I. Allaaddin Keykubat (1200-1237) took the castle. Atatürk, who visited the city in 1935, named it Alanya.

Located in the Mediterranean, Alanya is preferred by thousands of people every year. It is possible to reach this city, which is located on the coast, from many ways. Buses from almost all parts of Turkey come to Alanya. You can reach Alanya by road using intercity buses or with your private vehicle.

Transportation by air has developed especially in recent years. For those who want to use the airline for transportation, there are two options close to Alanya, one is Antalya Airport, about 120 kilometers to the West, and the other is Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport, 40 kilometers to the East. It is very easy to reach your accommodation from the airports. Airport transfers and taxis leave you until the door of your accommodation. If the tour includes transportation from the airport to the accommodation, you will provide transportation to your accommodation within the scope of the tour. Likewise, you can also take advantage of taxi and airport transfers from your accommodation to the airport. You can make your airport transfer reservation here.

Alanya Gazipasa Airport

Alanya-Gazipaşa Havaalanı

Antalya Airport

Alanya has a port where large cruise ships can dock comfortably. At the same time, the city is home to a marina with the capacity to serve 287 yachts at the same time. An average of 100 ships and 80 thousand tourists come annually by sea.

There are many options in Alanya for urban transportation and transportation is easy. Especially the coastal road of Alanya is wide, it is possible to walk to many places accompanied by sea views. In addition, there are minibuses and public buses that pass frequently from almost every point in the city. You can find information about buses here.
It is also possible to find a taxi in many corners of Alanya. You can easily use minibuses or taxis to get to the castle from important visiting points. Or if you have a driver's license, you can rent a car or motorcycle from places that provide 'Rent a Car' service. Especially in summer, it is very comfortable to use a motorcycle in Alanya.

Security in Alanya is provided by the police in the center and by the gendarmerie in the towns. The duties and powers of the security forces are regulated according to European Union standards. International money transactions are made in bank branches, credit cards are used in automatic bank machines. There are foreign exchange transactions, especially in dollars and euros. You can also change money at exchange offices. There are exchange offices in many parts of the city. Many mobile operators offer international communication services and prepaid cards can be installed in mobile phones.

A fully equipped state and three private hospitals provide uninterrupted health services in the city, and there are many dialysis centers and health centers in every town. There are also successful aesthetic clinics and dental clinics in Alanya. It is also a developed place in terms of health tourism. In recent years, it is frequently preferred by those who want to take a vacation and have health-related procedures. In addition to national health insurances in hospitals, insurances in European countries are also valid.

Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. The Mediterranean region brings a lot of precipitation in winter, and summers are longer, hot and rainless than winter. This situation has inspired the slogan "where the sun smiles" in tourism. Alanya, where the sun shows the effect of summer and winter, also gives the opportunity to swim in most of the year.

Alanya embodies all the beauties of nature. The city, where green and blue are intertwined, welcomes many local and foreign people every year. Most neighborhoods of the city are located by the sea. Almost all the streets of Alanya lead to the sea. In the city, where the sea, sand and sun offer all their beauties, it is possible to swim anywhere that has a coastline. After spending time by the sea during the day, Alanya's lively and entertaining nightlife begins in the evenings. You can dance and have fun on the streets where the music doesn't stop until the sun comes up.

Alanya has hosted many civilizations for thousands of years, so it still carries traces of the past. It is possible to see many historical buildings that have survived from the past to the present day in Alanya. You can find more information about historical places in Alanya here.

Many fruits and vegetables originating from the climate of Alanya are grown in this region. All products grown on fertile soils are very tasty. These fruits and vegetables are sold in the local markets established in Alanya, and markets are set up on certain days of the week in many parts of the region.

Alanya is a developed place, its population has increased every year. There are markets or kiosks in almost every street in Alanya.

The livelihood of the region is mainly agriculture and tourism. Thanks to its fertile lands, tons of production is made every year. Due to the geographical location and climate of the region, it is suitable for tourism. There are many hotels and apartments in this region, which is important for tourism. Alanya, which is preferred by people from many different countries every year, is very developed in terms of tourism services.

In Alanya, where the sun makes itself felt every month of the year, there are many activities that can be done especially in the summer months. Different tours will be organized by tour companies, and it will be possible to have fun and get to know Alanya better at the same time. You can find more detailed information about the tours here.

This developing city is preferred by more and more people every year, it attracts people from different countries not only for holidays but also for settled life. This has increased the speed of construction in Alanya and offers good opportunities to invest. If you contact us about investment, we, as alanya1.com team, can direct you to the most reliable and correct investments. You can contact us here.

Alanya is a very rich place in terms of cafes and restaurants. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas while spending time on the beach, and you can get food and beverage service while spending time on the beach during the day. You can also sit in these establishments in the evenings. There are very nice cafes and restaurants along the beach where you can sit while enjoying the sea view. At the same time, there are many places in the center. You can eat very good food and drink drinks in these places. For those who are curious about Turkish food, you can choose places that serve Turkish cuisine. There are opportunities in Alanya where everyone can find the option that suits their taste.


Alanya nightlife is as active as the day. It will be possible to have fun in Alanya at any time of the day with nightclubs, bars, pubs and cafes open until late hours in the center. It is possible to see people dancing until late every day of the week in Alanya bars street 😊

Alanya is a place with suitable places for those who want to spend a quiet time, and for those who love lively environments. Alanya is a region where many people can find opportunities according to their preferences. We are sure that you will have a great time in this city where the sun smiles. Alanya has unique beauties with its beaches, historical places, culture, climate, natural beauties and many more.


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