Property Tax

Property Tax

Real estate tax is the name given to the tax collected annually from all immovables.

Property tax is the name given to the tax collected annually from all immovables. With the real estate; fixed assets such as house, land, garden, office. Payments are made twice a year in equal installments between May and November each year. The first installment is paid until the end of May, and the second installment until the end of November. For those who want to pay the said tax in advance, it is also possible to pay in one go.

The tax of each residence or land is not the same. The property tax increases or decreases in direct proportion to the value of the property. In addition, the minimum fair value - that is, the purchase and sale value of the real estate in today's market - affects the change in the tax value as it is recalculated every year. The person or persons named in the title deed of the immovable property are obliged to pay Real Estate Tax.

Within the scope of the Republic of Turkey, those who have a single dwelling with a gross surface area not exceeding 200 square meters or have the usufruct right (main rights given to the owner of the right of use) of a single dwelling; Persons whose income is limited to the pension, widow's pension, orphan's pension, survivor's pension and disability pension they collect from social security institutions, veterans, widows and orphans of martyrs and disabled citizens may be exempt from property tax if they fulfill the necessary conditions. .

Real estate tax notification of the newly purchased immovable must be made to the relevant municipality within the year. For real estate tax application, an application is made to the municipality to which the immovable property is connected. Documents required for the application; copy of title deed, copy of building occupancy permit, address of the building (neighborhood, street and door number), residence and land workplace address of the taxpayer, Tax number of the taxpayer and Republic of Turkey Identity Number.

The property tax is calculated over the minimum fair values. Property tax rates vary depending on the property type and location (whether the property is within the boundaries of a metropolitan municipality). In ordinary regions, the rate for the house is 1%, the workplace is 2%, the agricultural land is 3%, the other lands are taxed at 1%. Within the borders of the metropolitan municipality and the surrounding areas, the rate is 2% for houses, 4% for workplaces, 6% for agricultural land, and 2% for other lands.

The taxpayer who does not pay the real estate tax on time has to pay the late fee at the rate determined according to the Law No. 6183 every month for the delayed installment. If the immovable property is to be sold, if there is a property tax debt, it must be paid. The owner of the immovable must apply to the Land Registry Directorate by obtaining the minimum fair value certificate of the real estate to be sold from the real estate accrual service of the municipality. (Transfer is done over this value.)

The real estate declaration of the sold flat, workplace, land or land must be reported to the relevant municipality in order to be deducted from the seller. As of the year the immovable is sold, the tax of the place where it is sold belongs to the seller. There are several options for paying property tax. In order to make the property tax payment, you can apply to the payment points of the municipality where the immovable property is connected. If you do not want to apply to the bank or the internet, you can go directly to the municipality and make your payment.

You can also make your property tax payment by going to the branches of the banks that have an account of the municipality to which the immovable property is affiliated, or by transferring or EFT to the said account. It is also possible to pay real estate tax online. The e-Government Gateway is a platform where government services are offered to citizens electronically in a secure, fast and uninterrupted manner. 

You can make real estate tax payments using the Internet Tax Office service on the e-Government Gateway. You can find out how much your current property tax debt is, access details about the amount you need to pay, and make your payment as needed, in the most accurate way, via the Internet, through the e-Government Gateway.
You can also make your property tax payment by applying to the nearest branch of the Post and Telegraph Organization General Directorate, briefly PTT.

If the property you own is outside of your place of residence, it will be a great convenience to make your payment from the PTT cashier closest to you. In order for the officer at the PTT (General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization) branch to which you apply, to make the payment from you, the taxpayer number (Turkish Republic citizens can query their tax numbers through the interactive tax office. You can query the tax identification number from the verifications section of the ​​address. Foreign persons If they apply to the tax office with the original and a photocopy of their passport, they can easily obtain an individual tax number.) That's why you should get your taxpayer number before going to the PTT branch.

Now, depositing real estate tax through the internet branches of banks has also taken its place among the options. Of course, the bank you prefer must have an agreement with the relevant institution.
Revenue Administration (GIB), formerly the General Directorate of Revenues, a government agency under the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of the Republic of Turkey; It is among the options you can apply for real estate tax payment transactions. It is possible to inquire about your property tax by logging into the Revenue Administration (GIB) website. After that, you can pay your property tax very easily via your credit card.

Foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey have to pay property tax. Real estate tax payment rates are the same for foreigners. You can contact us for your questions about property tax. If you want to own real estate in Alanya, we, as, can help you in these processes.


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