Banking System

Banking System

Banks in Turkey offer services to both Turkish citizens and foreigners with the existing banking system.

Banks in Turkey provide services for both Turkish citizens and foreigners with the existing banking system. Today, with the increasing demand for money and credit, the banking sector in Turkey has become the most important element of financial markets. Banks are services that are frequently used today. The banking system in Turkey has developed and has kept up with the changing needs of people over time. The banking system, which is offered to foreigners and citizens in Turkey, varies according to its basic services in order to get efficiency in the shortest way.

The service that each individual wishes to receive from the bank can vary. The fact that people can reach the service they want faster and that the people who provide this service are experts in their field ensure a quality service. Different types of banks, which differ according to their purposes and which are most preferred in Turkey, serve in different fields.

Commercial Banking; The banking system in Turkey provides great benefits for citizens and foreigners who will trade. Commercial banking is also known as deposit bank. Commercial banks perform their services by collecting deposits from customers. It offers financial resources in return for the collected deposits and the fees determined for the needs of its customers.

Investment Banking; Investment banking is among the services that those who will invest in Turkey for commercial purposes should know. Turkish citizens and foreigners who will engage in commercial activities need support if they do not have the resources they need. Investment banks, which provide the necessary resources, provide funds for individuals and companies requesting support for different services during, before and after the service, or provide the necessary support in different ways. Investment banks are the service organizations most preferred by commercial organizations with their loans and support projects.

Development Banking; Development banks are at the forefront of the institutions providing services in order to ensure the continuity of the economies and development of developing and developing countries. Providing support for institutions operating in the country and planning to take the first step as entrepreneurs, development banks contribute to the country's economy, while enabling companies to develop and support the country's development processes. Participation banks that support entrepreneurs also encourage them to venture in areas necessary for the development of the country.

Participation Banking; Some people may not want interest to be reflected in their transactions, this serves for citizens and foreigners. This interest-free banking is of great importance even though it is not found in large numbers in Turkey. It is the most suitable option for those who demand interest-free transactions. There are 6 Participation Banks in Turkey.

The central bank; It is an institution that directs all banks in the banking system in Turkey and gathers central authorities in its own hands. The Central Bank provides financing resources to other banks when necessary. At the same time, the Central Bank is the state's coffers.


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