Entrepreneurship in Alanya

Entrepreneurship in Alanya

People may have new business ideas that they want to realize in their lives. There are steps to be followed by those who want to venture, embark on a new path, or start a new business.

People may have new business ideas that they want to realize in their lives. There are steps to be followed by those who want to venture, embark on a new path, or start a new business. When you start a new business, you start from scratch. This means you have to test your business idea, have a share in the market and make that share permanent. After realizing your business idea, you need to establish a network of relations with customers, wholesalers and employees who will work in your workplace. This way you make a name for yourself in the market. Every newly established company goes through a certain establishment phase and has to overcome this difficult period.

Starting a new company is also a kind of competition. For many entrepreneurs, this is a very special source of motivation. And do not forget: A very good preparation, a convincing business idea, a well thought out business plan and the will to succeed are the most important conditions for success. You want to start a new business and the next step you need to do is to do a good industry research, analyze the risks and advantages well. For those who decide to start a new business, the capital they have is one of the most important factors affecting the entire course of the business. To start a new business, you need to have a certain amount of capital on hand.

When it comes to capital; company establishment process, expenses to be made for the company, rent, tax, office costs, product supply, warehouse costs and more come to mind. Having a capital to meet all these or to keep you alive for a while will make you stronger in the process of starting a new business. Government support is available for those who have a business idea but lack capital. Institutions such as KOSGEB, İşkur and TUBITAK provide full support to entrepreneurs in establishing and developing new businesses. In addition, the support loans of banks open doors to people who want to start a new business in terms of capital.

By applying for these support loans, you can meet the capital required for your business. In addition, you can try to get investment from angel investors by meeting with them. After deciding to start a business from scratch, getting consultancy services from the relevant fields on what it takes to start a business will ensure that your business is handled quickly and accurately. Those who want to start their own business; You can get outside support on many background issues such as accounting, technical affairs, website, and if you are going to do e-commerce business, setting up an e-commerce site.

The support you will receive from outside about what it takes to start a business will help you start your business professionally. Those who want to establish a new company in Turkey should first know the types of companies in Turkey. Types: Joint stock company, Limited company, Collective company, Limited partnership (commandite company whose capital is divided into shares, limited liability company whose capital is divided into shares), Cooperative. Joint stock company, limited liability company and limited liability company whose capital is divided into shares are capital companies. In capital companies, the partners are only liable to the company with the capital they have committed. Ordinary limited partnership and collective company are sole proprietorships.

In private companies, the principle of secondary and unlimited liability of the partners for the debts of the company is valid. Joint stock company and limited liability company are the most common types of companies in Turkey. Approximately 82% of all companies are limited liability companies, 13% are joint stock companies and 4% are cooperatives. It is possible to complete company establishment procedures in Turkey within one hour if the necessary documents are submitted to the relevant trade registry directorate. Company establishment in Turkey is exempt from fees. The establishment of a company in Turkey by foreign real and legal persons is subject to the same rules as domestic investors. Establishment procedures are carried out electronically in the Central Registry System (MERSİS). 

Users MERSIS's internet address is https://mersis.gtb. They start the company establishment process by creating a free membership on gov.tr/. While preparing the company agreement in MERSIS, Turkish citizens can be added as partners or authorized with their identity numbers and foreigners with their passport numbers. However, for this transaction, foreigners must first obtain a tax number from the tax office and register themselves with MERSIS by applying to the trade registry directorate. MERSIS guides the user to fill in the elements that are legally required to be in the contract, and the company contract is prepared by entering the necessary information. The contract is prepared in Turkish.

The potential tax number of the company is also automatically assigned by MERSIS. Then the founders sign the contract and it is certified by a competent authority whether these signatures really belong to them. For this process, the founders or their authorized representatives must go to the relevant institution. In limited companies and cooperatives, this transaction is carried out at the trade registry directorate where the company's head office is located. For other companies, it is possible to apply to the trade registry office where the company's headquarters is located or to any notary public. In case the certification process is desired to be made at a notary public, users can apply to any notary with the tracking number they obtained from MERSIS.

0.04% of the company's capital must be deposited into the bank account of this institution as "Competition Authority Share". There is no need to go to the bank for this transaction. This fee can be paid at the trade registry office together with other establishment transactions. In addition, at least 25% of the shares committed in cash in joint stock companies must be deposited into a bank account opened in the name of the company before the company is registered. Documents Required for the Registration of the Joint Stock Company: Articles of Association with the signatures of the founders certified. A document showing that at least twenty-five percent of the capital committed in cash has been deposited in the bank.

Payment document showing that the Competition Authority's share has been paid. If any, valuation reports prepared by the court-appointed expert regarding the determination of the capital in kind (meaning all the capital, other than money, put forth by the partners during the establishment of a company) and the businesses to be taken over during the establishment and the value of the in-kind assets. For companies that are subject to the permission or approval of the Ministry or other official institutions of the organization, this permission or appropriate opinion letter. Written statements of non-shareholder members of the board of directors, if any, that they accept this duty. Signature statements of persons authorized to represent and bind the company (the person who has the right to sign and represent the company alone).

Documents Required for the Registration of a Limited Company: Company contract with the signatures of the founders certified. Written statements of non-partner members of the board of directors that they accept this duty. If there is a legal person in the board of directors, the name and surname of a real person determined by the legal person on behalf of the legal person together with the legal person, and a notarized copy of the decision of the authorized body regarding the determination. Payment document showing that the Competition Authority's share has been paid. People who want to open a business in Turkey must complete the official procedures. There are 5 different institutions that request documents from you when opening a new business. 

These; Tax Office, Bağ-Kur (SGK), Municipality, Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry, Professional Chamber. Documents Required from the Tax Office: You can make your applications individually or with your accountant and financial advisor. It will be more comfortable for you to do these transactions with an accountant by your side. The documents requested from you in the Tax Office are as follows; After making your application to the Tax Office with the application notification form, photocopy of identity card, residence certificate, lease contract or title deed photocopy, signature circular documents, the officer in charge confirms it and gives you your Tax Certificate.

Documents Required from the Municipality: Among the documents required to open a business are the documents you will submit to the municipality you are affiliated with. The first thing to consider here is the type of business to be opened. Working licenses are issued separately for 3 different businesses by municipalities. These 3 business types are as follows;
Sanitary Institution (all non-sanitary establishments fall under the scope of sanitary establishment)
Non-Sanitary Enterprise
Public Rest and Entertainment Places

You need to know which of the three categories above falls within the business you are going to open. Sanitary Workplaces: Market, grocery store, greengrocer, dried fruit shop, tea shop, patisserie, barber, hairdresser etc. businesses that do not cause any harm to human health. Unsanitary Workplaces: All non-sanitary workplaces fall into this category. Public Rest and Entertainment Places: Businesses such as Internet Cafe, Playstation Cafe, Coffee Shop, Coffee House, Pavilion, and Beer House fall into this category. If you know which category your workplace falls into, you need to go to the municipal service building with the documents you need.

Sanitary workplaces; application form, copy of title deed, lease contract, tax plate, place of residence, copy of identity card, 3 passport photos, health report, registration of professional chamber or chamber of commerce. unsanitary workplaces; application form, copy of title deed, lease contract, tax plate, residence certificate, copy of identity card, firefighter report, 3 passport photos, registration of chamber of commerce or chamber of commerce, health report, work flow chart, certificate of mastery, health protection tape, food production Health report stating that there is no communicable disease belonging to the employees of the enterprises that operate.

Public rest and entertainment places; application form, copy of title deed, management plan (can be obtained from the title deed or from the manager), original lease contract, tax plate, residence certificate, copy of identity card, firefighter report, 3 passport photos, sketch showing the full address of the workplace, health report (with the phrase no contagious disease) ), criminal record certificate, professional chamber or chamber of commerce registration, if the license application is made on behalf of the legal entity, the responsible manager must be appointed.

Documents Required from the Professional Chamber: If you are going to establish a business that requires registration with the Professional Chamber, you will need to bring some documents to the relevant Professional Chamber. Documents that you will need to bring to the professional chamber; 1 passport size photo, registration certificate, certificate of mastery
Documents requested from the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry Office: 1 copy of identity card, 1 passport photo, 1 workplace residence document, photocopy of Tax Certificate.

Documents required from Bag-Kur: When opening your own business, you need to register with Bağ-Kur and start your insurance. In order to register with Bağ-Kur, you must go to the Bağ-Kur Provincial Directorate in the city where you live. Here you have to submit your application and have your login to the Bag-Kur system approved.

You will need to plan everything on your way to starting a new business. During these processes, you will need to visit many government offices. When you progress in a planned and regular way, you can handle these long and difficult processes more easily and without any trouble. If you want to start a new business, we always help you as Alanya1.com team in this process. You can contact us for your questions.


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