Street Food in Alanya

Street Food in Alanya

Street food is important in Turkish culture. You can find these delicacies on the streets of almost every city.

Street food is important in Turkish culture. You can find these delicacies on the streets of almost every city. These delicacies are sometimes a quick alternative when you want to have a quick snack. Street food attracts you with its smell, even if you are not very hungry. Once you taste the street food, you will love many of them and you will want to consume them often. Alanya is also a region rich in street food. You can taste many street foods in Turkish culture in Alanya. Street food you can taste in Alanya;

Simit; It is a delicacy made from round shaped dough covered with sesame. It is consumed quite a lot in Turkey. It accompanies breakfast especially in the morning. For those in a hurry, it is a breakfast in itself. Even if you are full of a bagel that came out of the hot oven, you can't say no. There are bagel carts on almost every corner in Alanya. You can either buy plain bagels from these bagel shops, or you can add sauces such as chocolate, cream cheese, olive paste, honey, and hot sauce between the bagels. In Alanya, there are many places where you can buy simit besides street bagel shops. These places are bakeries, bakeries and some cafes. It will be possible for you to come across bagels in your breakfasts outside in Turkey.


Sweetcorn; It is one of the main street delicacies. Corn is a food that can be consumed in many ways. You can come across stalls selling corn on the streets in many places. In these stalls, you can find boiled corn and corn that is referred to as cup corn. Especially glass corn has started to be preferred more in terms of ease of consumption and taste. You can choose what you want with small, medium and large sized glass options. After the glass of corn is cooked with butter, it is poured over the sauces of your choice and served to you. Pomegranate syrup, hot sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and many other sauce types are available at the stalls selling corn. You will come across stalls selling corn in many places in Alanya. In some of these stalls, both boiled whole corn is sold and corn is sold in the glass, you can choose it however you want.

Iced Almond; It is one of the best and most refreshing street snacks, especially in extreme heat. Fresh almonds are boiled in hot water, then peeled and served on ice. It is a street delicacy that peddlers sell in small carts with glass windows, mostly on busy streets. In Alanya, you can often encounter stalls selling iced almonds during the summer months. 

Çiğköfte; It is one of the most loved foods of Turkish cuisine. Çiğköfte, the main ingredient of which is bulgur, is flavored with various additional products such as spices and tomato paste. For those who love spicy, there are options with a lot of pain, and for those who love without pain, there are options with less pain. Çiğköfte can be eaten plain, as well as the main way to eat lavash, adding greens, pomegranate syrup, lemon, optionally, tomatoes, hot peppers, and pickles to make a wrap. Many people consume raw meatballs almost every other day. Many of those who try it like this flavor. There are places selling Çiğköfte in almost every street in Alanya. It is consumed with ayran or turnip. We recommend you to taste Çiğköfte, which has a great place in Turkish street food culture.


Tantuni; It is a famous flavor of Mersin province of Turkey. Although it is a famous flavor of Mersin province, tantuni is loved and consumed all over Turkey. It is made from both red meat and chicken meat. It is made from a unique combination of minced meat with parsley, tomatoes, green peppers and onions. There are many businesses in Alanya where you can taste this flavor. You can taste this flavor in these tantuni restaurants located in almost every street.

Midye Dolma; This flavor, which is especially famous in Turkey's Izmir province, is consumed in many parts of Turkey. It is one of the street foods. You can usually see mussel stalls on the corners of the streets. These delicious snacks, which are made by stuffing the mussels with rice after cooking, are a snack that you can eat at any time of the day. It is usually eaten by squeezing lemon into it. You can see people eating these stuffed mussels one after the other at the mussel stalls. Generally, at least 10-15 pieces are not left uneaten. If you want to taste this flavor, you can find these stalls in Alanya, especially in the center.

Fish and bread; It is one of the most preferred street food in Turkey. Fish and bread is a hearty food, as well as street delicacies, others are more snacks. This street delicacy, which is most famous in the Eminönü region of Istanbul in Turkey, is sold by cooking on boats in the sea. The fish cooked on the grill is put between the bread, lots of greens, lemon, onion and spices are added if desired. You will love this flavor, which attracts you even from afar with its smell. Fish and bread are sold on the boat, which is located on the pier in Alanya. You can taste this delicacy accompanied by the sea view.

Chestnut; Aydın province of Turkey is the place where chestnut is produced the most. It is one of the indispensable flavors of the winter months. It is also cooked and consumed in many homes during the winter months. This flavor, which is at the forefront of street delicacies, is cooked by chestnut makers on the street in chestnut carts and sold hot. Chestnut is a delicious snack with its unique taste.

Kokoreç; It has an important place in Turkish street food culture. It is cooked over coal fire on specially prepared barbecue benches. Since it is eaten on the street, it is usually consumed as a sandwich. Kokoreç, which is in the loyalty group, has a nice flavor served with plenty of spices. There are kokoreç shops in many parts of Turkey. There are many places in Alanya where you can eat kokoreç. 

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