Oba Beach (Orange Beach)

Oba Beach (Orange Beach)

The starting point of the Orange Beach, located on the east coast of the city centre, is where the Oba Stream flows into the sea.

The starting point of the Orange Beach, located on the east coast of the city center, is where the Oba Stream flows into the sea. The last point of the beach is where the Dim Stream flows into the sea. Orange beach is located in front of Oba and Tosmur districts.

The length of this wonderful beach, which is located on the eastern shores of Oba town of Alanya, is about 1 kilometer. Orange Beach, like almost all beaches in the Mediterranean Region, has a blue flag.

While there is the vast, deep blue and clean Mediterranean Sea stretching in front of Portakal Beach, the majestic and lush pine forests and the Taurus Mountains accompany the background of the beach. You will have the opportunity to watch the Taurus Mountains while swimming on the Orange beach. It is a beach where blue and green meet.

Orange Beach has a shallow stretch of sand towards the sea, sometimes reaching 60-70 meters. The bottom of the sea is sandy in most places, but hardened sand rocks can also be found from time to time. It is a fine golden beach with soft sand.

It is possible to enter the cool fresh water and sea water at the same time, where the teas at the beginning and the end of the beach and the sea meet. It will be a perfect feeling to feel the warmth of the sea water and the salt on the one hand, and the coldness of the fresh water flowing from the tea on the other hand. Orange beach provides the opportunity to swim both in the sea and in the brook.

There are naturally formed cliffs on the Orange beach, which is approximately 1 kilometer long. The cliffs and the sea seem to be divided into islands. At the same time, it is ideal for taking pictures with Alanya and the sea behind these rocks. If you sit on the Portakal beach during the day, you can see that many people take beautiful pictures on the rocks. In addition to photographing, those who want to fish frequently use the rocks. If you like fishing, you can take your fishing rod and go fishing on the rocks.

Entrance to the Orange Beach is free. While spending time on the Portakal beach during the day, you can benefit from the kiosks and cafeterias that sell snacks, food and beverages, and that are owned by private businesses. Businesses are located on the beach along the Portakal beach. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas from these businesses.

Along the Portakal Beach, there are boats that offer different water sports alternatives in the open sea and a water sports center. In particular, parasailing is a beautiful activity that is both exciting and gives the feeling of flying over the sea. You can have a great time with your friends and family. It is a beach where you can enjoy the sand, sea and sun all day.

Watching the sunset from the orange beach will be magnificent. The setting sun next to the view of Alanya castle creates a unique view. We definitely recommend those who vacation in Alanya to spend time on Portakal beach and watch the sunset.

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