Alanya Incekum

Alanya Incekum

Incekum, one of the towns of Alanya city of Antalya province, has a population of around 4000. Incekum is located 32 km away from Alanya city center.

Incekum, one of the neighborhoods of Alanya district of Antalya province, has a population of around 4000. It is a quiet, peaceful seaside town located by the sea. Incekum, which draws attention with the cleanliness of the sea and the beauty of its sand, has been especially popular with those who come on vacation. Incekum beach, located in Incekum region, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Alanya. You can find detailed information about İncekum beach here.

Incekum is 108 km from Antalya and 100 km from Antalya Airport. Incekum is located 32 km from Alanya and 69 km from the International Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport. Transportation to airports is quite easy from Incekum. You can reach Antalya Airport in approximately 2 hours and Gazipaşa Airport in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes by private car. There are various means of transportation for those who do not have a private vehicle. You can get help for airport transfer service reservation here.

Incekum is a region with easy access to many places with its location by the sea. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the center of Alanya by means of transportation.

Incekum amazes everyone with the cleanliness of its sea and the beauty of its sand. For those who are bored with the movement of city life, İncekum is now preferred by many people with its calmness and peaceful structure.

Continuing its development, İncekum receives more and more investments every day. For those who want to invest, this seaside town will be a good alternative. Incekum, like many regions of Alanya, is a region with fertile lands. It is a region that can be preferred by those who want to deal with agriculture. Thanks to the beautiful climate of the Mediterranean in all seasons, many places in the region offer good opportunities for those who want to invest in agriculture. If you contact us about investment, we, as team, can direct you to the most reliable and correct investments. You can contact us here.

There are many 3*, 4*, 5* hotel options in İncekum. The beauty of the sea and sand is a big factor for visitors to choose to vacation in this region. With its various hotel options, it appeals to people of all budgets. Incekum, which is close to the center of Alanya, will fascinate you with the clarity of the sea, the beauty of the sand and the cleanliness of the air. We recommend you to see Incekum, swim in the sea and enjoy the sun.

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