Credit Calculation

Credit Calculation

People apply for loans to meet their cash needs. Loans are of different types depending on the need to be used.

People apply for loans to meet their cash needs. Loans are of different types depending on the need to be used. It will be more beneficial for the person who will use the loan to choose the type of loan that is suitable for his needs.
Banks charge a certain rate of interest when extending loans. Interest rates vary in each bank, as the bank determines according to the types of loans. While the interest rate of a consumer loan in one bank is 1.45%, it may be 1.39% in another bank.

After deciding on the loan amount and maturity number you want to use, you can compare the rates of the banks and choose the bank that suits you. Interest rates also differ in some banks according to the amount you want to use a loan. The higher the amount you want to use the loan, the higher the interest rate. The interest rate may also vary with factors such as the income, insurance, age of the people. It will be more useful to get detailed information from the banks before using a loan.

The loan interest rates of banks serving in Turkey are as follows; consumer loan interest rates; ING bank- 1.35%, Garanti Bank- 1.91%, Deniz BANK- 1.90%, TEB-1.59, QNB Finansbank- 1.39%, İşbank- 1.60%, Yapı Kredi-% 2.11, Vakıfbank- 1.55%, Ziraatbank- 1.63%, Halkbank- 1.63%, Kuveyt Türk- 1.66%, Akbank- 1.88%

Housing Loan interest rates; ING bank- 1.51%, İş bank- 1.38%, Garanti bank-1.46%, Akbank- 1.37%, Vakıf bank- 1.37%, Ziraat bank- 1.37%, Yapı Kredi- 1.37%, Halkbank- 1.38%, QNB Finansbank- 1.48%, TEB bank- 1.51%, Denizbank- 1.79%

Vehicle Loan interest rates; İşbank-1.90%, Garanti bank-1.62%, Vakıfbank-1.50%, Halk bank-1.58%, Ziraat bank-1.59%, Yapı Kredi-1.59%, TEB- 1.61%

If you want to use a loan, you can apply to the bank to use your loan in the type of loan suitable for your purpose of use. After the bank examines you and evaluates your eligibility for loan disbursement conditions, it will approve your loan if you are eligible to use a loan. Shortly after your loan is approved, the payment will be transferred to you by the bank. The amount to be repaid, which is calculated together with the interest rate of the loan you use, is divided by your maturity time and your monthly payment begins.


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