Those who come to Alanya do not have any problems with food. In Alanya, everyone can find dishes that they like.

There are many restaurants in Alanya, which is a tourism city. Those who come to Alanya do not have any problems with food. In Alanya, everyone can find dishes that they like. There are restaurants where you can eat many dishes from the Turkish cuisine, restaurants where you can taste the specialties of Alanya cuisine, where you can find flavors from the world cuisine, and restaurants where you can find many types such as fast food and burgers.

Options for those who want to eat delicious burgers in Alanya; Enjoy Burger House, Meet'n Corner Burger, Zilli Öküz Homemade Burger Alanya, X Burger Alanya, Pandastic Burger & Coffee, Burger House, Beach Side Burger, Kings & Queens burger house, Burger King, Mc Donald's


Fast Food in Alanya; Burger King, KFC, Mc Donald's, Papa John's, Dominos, Simit Dünyası, Dag Fast Food, Bi Kumpir

Alanya kebab shops; Celal Usta Kebab, Şahin Paşa's Place Adana Kebab Restaurant, Ravza, Haydar Usta Kebab House, Alanya Sofrası, Arif Super Kebab, Öztürk Kolcuoğlu Grill, Kaşıkara Restaurant, Mezze Grill Grill 

Doner kebab, one of the most important dishes of Turkish cuisine, has many options to eat in Alanya. Doner shops in Alanya; Şehzade Döner, Harman Döner, Döner Corner, Alanya Bay Döner, Ekrem Çoşkun, Duraq Fast Food, Meru Döner, Bereket Döner, Giant Döner Hasan Ustanın Yeri, Dois, Hot Döner, Sapore Döner

One of the indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine is pita and lahmacun. It is possible to find places that make pita and lahmacun in every province of Turkey. There are places in Alanya where you can taste these delicacies. Alanya pita makers; Şükrü Usta Meat Bread and Pita, Karadeniz Pita and Lahmacun, Hasgül Pide and Doner, Cihan Pide, Gül Pide, Harman Pide and Lahmacun, Öz Kardeşler, Akdeniz Pita, Bafra Pita Saloon, Şen Lahmacun Pita Lounge, Asil Pide ve Döner Saloon

In Turkish cuisine, juicy food is eaten at home almost every day. The places where those who want to taste juicy food in Alanya can go; Güneş Restaurant, Taste-i Şinas Home Cooking, Local Alanya Home Cuisine Esma Hanım's Place, Keskin Home Cooking, Toros Restaurant, Doyum Restaurant, Çinal Restaurant, Sina Cafe and Home Cooking, Sırma Home Cooking

Soup is an important dish in Turkish cuisine. Soup is consumed first, especially at dinners. There are many soup shops in the city. Soup shops are usually open until late at night. Some are available 24 hours. They are places that people who go out of night entertainment often prefer late at night. Some people also go to have soup in the morning. Soup shops you can go to in Alanya are; Chef's Place Restaurant, Paçacı Şemsi, Ömür Paça Restaurant, Lider Paça Restaurant

There are places in Alanya that you can choose to eat and spend time with the sea view. Sea view places; Leman Kültür, Öztürk Kolcuoğlu Ocakbaşı, Pasha Meat and Fish Restaurant, Rıhtım Restaurant


Gardenia Restaurant 


 Soul of Coffee, Flamingo restaurant, Lui Beach, En Vie Beach, Lokus Fish, Kale Panorama Restaurant, Marina Restaurant, Red Lobster, Kaptan Deck Restaurant, The Rabbit Cafe, Ala Turka, Zeytindalı, Merlot Restaurant, Maldan Restaurant

You can find restaurants in many places in Alanya. There are many alternative places where you can eat. You can find Turkish cuisine, World cuisine or fast food meals at the restaurants you can choose during your holiday. 

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