Alanya Konakli

Alanya Konakli

Konaklı district, located in the district of Alanya in the province of Antalya, is a settlement on the Mediterranean coast. Konaklı is 12 kilometers away from Alanya.

Konaklı district, located in the district of Alanya in the province of Antalya, is a settlement on the Mediterranean coast. Konaklı is 12 kilometers from Alanya, 125 kilometers from Antalya, 115 kilometers from Antalya Airport, 55 kilometers from the International Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport.

It is very easy to reach the airports from the Konaklı campus, which is located on the seaside. You can reach Gazipaşa Airport in approximately 1 hour and Antalya Airport in approximately 2.5 hours by private car, taxi or transfer vehicles. There are many transfer options for those who do not have a private vehicle. You can get help for airport transfer service reservation here.

Konaklı neighborhood with a population of more than 17.000 is close to many places. Transportation vehicles are in service around the clock. You can reach Alanya center in about 15 minutes by minibuses that come at short intervals.

Mansion, which is a cute seaside town on the seaside, is becoming a more preferred location for settled people day by day. Due to its close proximity to many places, the Konakli neighborhood, which continues its development, has become a place often preferred by those who want to own a house in Alanya.

Konaklı is a quiet and peaceful living space with its location close to the sea. Konaklı, which offers a comfortable life with its newly built buildings, is also more affordable than the center. There are structures that appeal to many budgets. It is an ideal region for those who want a quiet life with its location close to the sea and its structures overlooking the sea from many places.

Konaklı region, which continues to develop, offers many options and promises for those who want to invest. If you contact us about investment, we, as team, can direct you to the most reliable and correct investments. You can contact us here.

Konaklı, like many regions in the Mediterranean region, has a fertile soil structure. It offers good alternatives for people who want to deal with gardening. It offers suitable agricultural areas for those who want to produce many fruits and vegetables grown in the Mediterranean region. It is a good alternative for those who want to invest in this area.

It offers the opportunity to buy products unique to Turkey with its bazaar in Konaklı. At the same time, the Neva bazaar mall in Konakli provides easy access to various facilities such as shopping, dining and markets. For those who come to Turkey on holiday with its bazaar and shopping mall, there are various alternatives for shopping and buying gifts from Turkey. It is possible to buy fresh vegetables and fruits and taste the flavors unique to Turkey at the market that is set up every week.

There are many 3*, 4* and 5* hotels in Konakli, offering the alternative of choosing the type of accommodation suitable for their budget for those who come on holiday. With its nature intertwined with the sea, Konaklı is developing more and more every year and welcomes many people. Like many places in Alanya, Konaklı offers the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with its sea, sand and sun.

It has the opportunity to meet many needs of people with its various shopping, market and dining places. Konaklı is an ideal seaside town for vacation, investment, and a peaceful and quiet life. We recommend you to visit this developing seaside town.

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