Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes with many different flavors, sour, bitter and sweet.

Turkish cuisine, which is the heir of Ottoman culture, has both influenced and been influenced by the Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines. Turkish cuisine also shows differences according to the regions. Many regions such as Black Sea cuisine, Southeastern cuisine, Central Anatolian cuisine have a rich food reservoir of their own. Turkish Cuisine includes many dishes and food types, as well as examples that can serve as a source for healthy and balanced nutrition and vegetarian cuisine, as well as in terms of variety and suitability for the palate. Turkish cuisine with its wide variety of dishes appeals to the taste of many people.

Alanya, which is a tourism city, hosts many people from many countries of the world every year, and people who come to Alanya want to eat the food of the culture they come from and taste different tastes. In this article, we will talk about the most famous Turkish dishes in order to provide you with information about Turkish food before coming to Turkey.

Soups; Soup is an indispensable part of Turkish cuisine, especially in winter. Tomato soup, lentil soup, ezogelin soup, yogurt soup and tarhana soup are the most preferred soups. However, Turkish cuisine also includes numerous soups. Meats, vegetables and legumes are often the main ingredients of soups. Broth, flour, yoghurt and vermicelli are used to turn these ingredients into soup. We recommend you to try delicious soups.

Appetizers; Almost all of them are on the table. A wide variety of appetizers in Turkish cuisine decorate the tables at dinner. There are Haydari, Muhammara, Tarator, Köpoğlu Mancası, Hatay Eşkimesi, Barren, Piyaz, şakşuka, Mücver and many more.

Kebaps; Adana, Urfa, iskender, beyti, shish kebab, you can eat these delicacies in almost all provinces of Turkey. Kebabs, which have a great place in Turkish cuisine, are also known by many people. These flavors, which will especially be liked by people who love red meat, are liked by everyone who eats it for the first time. You should add it to the top of the list of flavors that you must try while visiting Turkey. You can find the opportunity to eat delicious kebabs in many places in Alanya. Many people who come to Turkey want to try Turkish food and get to know the culture they came from. Kebabs, one of the first things that come to mind when Turkish food is mentioned, are also at the top of the list of the most delicious Turkish dishes.

Meatless Turkish Dishes; There are dishes that appeal to all tastes in Turkish cuisine. Although the meat food culture is very developed, there is a wide variety of meatless dishes. In these meals; Mücver, Kapuska, Türlü, Stuffed, Cabbage Wrap, Cauliflower, Stuffed Artichoke, Menemen and many more dishes can be added to this list.

Pastries; Pastries, which are indispensable in Turkish cuisine, are mostly made to serve to the guests and to be eaten for breakfast. Various types of pastries are included in Turkish cuisine.

Desserts; It is an important part of Turkish cuisine. In Turkish culture, dessert is definitely included after the meal. That's why there is a wide variety of sweets. There are milk desserts, sherbet desserts and more variety of desserts. A few of them are: Baklava is one of the indispensable desserts. Baklava, which is liked by everyone, is the most popular dessert among desserts with syrup. Gaziantep's famous dessert, baklava, is known and consumed all over Turkey, not only in Gaziantep. There are also many options such as pistachio and walnut. Many people who come to Turkey and eat baklava find this flavor unique and cannot compare it to any dessert they have eaten before.

Sütlaç; Another flavor that has reached today's tables from the palace cuisine and is known as the indispensable taste of Turkish cuisine is rice pudding. It would not be a lie to say that rice pudding is the most consumed dessert among milk desserts. Rice pudding can also be made in the oven, it is called oven rice pudding, and it leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate with the flavor of oven rice pudding, which is cooked in the oven until it turns brown. Keşkül; It is one of the most popular dairy desserts. Kaskul, which has a special place among the desserts of Turkish cuisine, stands out with its plain or decorated options with raw almonds. Pistachio wrap; It is one of the most popular Turkish cuisine desserts. It is a flavor that you can enjoy the unique taste of sweet pistachio made with pistachio.. Kazandibi, Tavuk göğüsü, Sultan sarması, İrmik tatlısı, Helva, Güllaç, Künefe, Soğuk Baklava and many more desserts.

Turkish cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes with many different flavors, sour, bitter and sweet. To make a compilation of the most famous Turkish dishes, these are; Manti is one of the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine. Ravioli, which is appreciated by everyone who eats it, is a difficult dish to prepare, so it is a dish that is often made for guests. It is made by opening the dough thinly and cutting it into small squares and putting minced meat inside and closing it at the corners. Then they are boiled in hot water and cooked. After cooking, ravioli, which is the famous dish of Kayseri, is eaten by pouring yoghurt and tomato paste sauce on it. Manti, which is difficult to make, is loved by many. It is a flavor that should be at the top of the dishes that should be tasted in Turkey.

Döner; When Turkish food is mentioned, doner kebabs, which are served in many countries abroad, come to mind. There is a doner shop on almost every street in Turkey. Doner kebab, which is also made with red meat and chicken, is an indispensable part of Turkish cuisine. Delicious meat placed between lavash or doner bread, and tomatoes, onions, etc. placed in it. Doner kebabs flavored with additional ingredients are a delicacy that you can eat quickly when you are hungry during the day.

Lahmacun; Lahmacun is one of the most popular delicacies in Turkish cuisine. Lahmacun, cooked in a stone oven, is a delicacy that you cannot get enough of with its crispy structure. This flavor, which can be eaten at any time of the day, is loved by many and often consumed.

Pideler; One of the most popular flavors of Turkish cuisine is pita bread. Pita is made by placing thinly rolled dough on top of the prepared variety and cooking it in a stone oven. It is not round like Lahmacun, but longer and thinner. Although pitas are mostly made with minced meat, there are many varieties with cubed, cheddar, chicken, spinach and potatoes.

Tantuni; It is obtained by chopping chicken or red meat into small pieces and cooking it by adding spices and tomatoes. It is then placed in lavash or bread, depending on preference. Tantunide is a dish that many people consume frequently during the day. Stuffed leaves; Making the stuffed leaves, which is one of the most beautiful flavors of Turkish cuisine, is also very challenging. After the leaves are wrapped one by one, they are cooked in the pot for 2 3 hours and this delicious dish is ready to eat. Wrapped leaves, which are very liked by those who eat it, are a delicacy that is frequently made in many homes in Turkey.

Turkish food is very diverse, Turkish cuisine, which is a mixture of many flavors, carries touches from many cultures. The list of Turkish dishes is too long to count. We have compiled the most known dishes for you, if you are planning to visit Turkey, we recommend you to try Turkish food when you come.


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