Alanya Shopping Centers

Alanya Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are structures where many shops and eateries are located together.

Shopping centers are structures where many shops and eateries are located together. It is a place often preferred by those who want to shop. Although there is more bazaar culture in Alanya, there are also shopping centers.

Alanya, which is a tourism city, is preferred by many people every year, so there are various stores where shopping can be done. Shopping centers in Alanya; Alanyum Shopping and Entertainment Center is located 6-7 minutes away from Alanya center. There are eating places outside and on the upper floor of the shopping center, which has its own parking lot. There are a movie theater, game room, tailor, market, jewelery store, toy store, dried fruit store, pharmacy, GSM operators and cafe in the shopping center with various stores. It is a place where you can find almost everything you need under one roof. Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Keykubat Blv. No: 219 Alanya address.

Neva Outlet Konakli, the shopping mall located in Konakli, is 30 minutes away from the center of Alanya. The shopping center with various stores is a good alternative for those who live in and around Konakli and come on holiday. Konakli Mah. It is located opposite the Clock Tower.

Neva Outlet Okurcalar Luka is located in the Okurcalar region of Alanya. You can reach Okurcalar in about half an hour from the center of Alanya. Luka shopping center is a nice shopping center where people in Okurca can shop. It is a place where you can find products such as various clothes, bags and shoes. Okurcalar, 1001. Sk. It is at the address.

Soho Bazaar AVM is located in Okurcalar, 400 meters from the sea. It is a shopping center that is frequently preferred by holidaymakers in the Okurcalar region, where it has many 5-star hotels.

Nova Mall; Although the shopping center in Manavgat is not very close to Alanya, it is a preferred place. In the shopping center, which is approximately 1 hour away from the center of Alanya, there are various stores such as stores where various brands are sold, food places, markets, and bookstores.

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