Fruits Grown in Alanya

Fruits Grown in Alanya

Alanya climate is suitable for the cultivation of many fruits and vegetables.

Alanya climate is suitable for the cultivation of many fruits and vegetables. Agriculture is one of the most preferred areas in the work of people living in Alanya as a source of livelihood. With the large number of people engaged in agriculture and the abundance of fertile lands, many tropical fruits are also produced. We have compiled the fruits grown in Alanya for you. If you come to Alanya, don't forget to try these fruits.

Banana; It is perhaps one of the most consumed plants in the world. Banana is a very nutritious food source, it contains many vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids. Banana is good for acne. Massaging and rubbing your face with a banana peel for 5 minutes helps to extinguish acne, it is a natural antibiotic. Banana reduces the risk of developing cancer.
It is beneficial for eye health as it contains vitamins A, C and E. Banana reduces the risk of kidney cancer. This fruit, which is delicious as well as counting the benefits, is also grown in abundance in Alanya.



Avocado; It is an extremely beneficial fruit for health with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it contains. It helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins and increases bioavailability when consumed with other nutrients. Avocados also balance cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels. Thanks to the large number of antioxidants in its content, it prevents cancer and supports the immune system. Avocado, which is a healing fruit beneficial for eye, skin and hair health, contains B, C, E, K vitamins and potassium. With its fibrous structure, it has many benefits. This fruit, which is also grown in abundance in Alanya, is a delicacy worth eating.

Dragon fruit (pitaya); Pitaya is cut for consumption and the fleshy surface is exposed. The fruit texture is likened to kiwi because of the presence of black and crunchy seeds. The fleshy part can be eaten raw and imparts a slight sweetness. The seeds are eaten with the fleshy part, giving a crispy, nut-like taste. Pitaya can also be used to make juice or wine, or to flavor other beverages. As a result of research, it has been revealed that the fruit is especially good for colon cancer. It is rich in vitamins C and B and is very high in fiber. This fruit, which fascinates with its appearance, is a fruit that should be consumed with its benefits. You can taste this fruit, whose production has increased in Alanya in recent years, in Alanya.

Mango; Mango, one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world, is known as the "king of fruits". Under the skin of the mango is a fleshy part that turns from yellow to orange. If you are going to consume it immediately, you can choose soft mango fruits, if you are going to wait a while and consume it later, you can choose hard mango fruits. The juice of this fruit, which has started to be grown in Alanya, is also very delicious. You can taste this fruit in Alanya. 


Kudret Narı; Tropical power pomegranate fruit consists of red grains resembling pomegranate seeds within yellow-orange rough peels. 100 grams of potency pomegranate, which has a very high vitamin C content, can meet almost all of the daily vitamin C needs. The bitter melon is also a very rich plant in terms of vitamin A, which is very important for our body. It is rich in vitamin A, which is very important for skin and eyesight. We recommend you to try this vitamin store fruit, which is also grown in Alanya.

Liçi meyvesi; Lychee tree is a tree that reaches 15-20 meters in height and stays green in all seasons. Its fruit is 3–4 cm long, about 3 cm in diameter. The bark is pinkish red in color and hard. The bitter and inedible bark is quite thin and peels off easily. The fruit is translucent-white, grape-like soft consistency and sweet. The nucleus is about 2 cm long, 1-15 cm in diameter, hard and shiny brown. It is a taste that should be tried for those who want to taste different fruits.

Yeni Dünya; The new world fruit that protects from diseases also strengthens the body's immune system. It is a fruit with anti-cancer potential. It is appreciated by those who eat it with its yellow fruit flavor. If you come to Alanya, do not forget to taste this abundant fruit.

Orange; Orange, which is a complete vitamin bomb, protects heart health by strengthening immunity, lowers cholesterol levels, is also effective against respiratory diseases, some types of cancer, rheumatic joint pain, ulcers and kidney stones. The juice of this orange-colored fruit is also consumed very often. This fruit, which also provides protection from diseases, especially in winter, is also very tasty. Alanya is a very rich region in terms of oranges.

Turunç; The citrus, which is exactly the same as the orange with its appearance, is the main fruit that gives its name to the citrus family, as its name suggests. The fruit, which is popularly known as the ungrafted wild version of the orange, has a more bitter and sour taste than the orange. Citrus fruit has a stomach-strengthening effect. If its sherbet or water is drunk, it cleans the stomach and has a healing effect especially against vomiting, nausea and bile. Citrus fruit is a Mediterranean fruit just like other citrus fruits. It is also produced in abundance in Alanya.

Kamkat; It is one of the rare fruits that can be eaten with its peel. The cute fruit, which wins the sympathy of those who see it at first sight with its exquisite aroma and tiny olive-sized body, is known as the little jewel of citrus fruits. Despite its small size, kumquat fruit, which has more benefits than its size, is an important source of vitamin C. Thanks to the vitamin C it contains, the fruit that strengthens the immune system and gives resistance to diseases helps to prevent the flu, especially since it is eaten with its peel. You can find the opportunity to taste this fruit, which is grown in abundance in Alanya.

Pomegranate; It has a very beautiful image with its red color. It is consumed by eating the seeds contained in the pomegranate. Pomegranate has many positive effects both in preventing diseases and improving health. You should definitely eat this very useful and delicious fruit.

Fig Fruit; There are 2 types of figs. One is the pale yellow sultan or lop fig. It is consumed fresh and also suitable for drying. The second variety, purple figs, are called black or eggplant figs and are consumed fresh. Jam, molasses, paste are made. It is used in desserts and pastries. It contains protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C. 

Strawberry; it is one of the few fruits whose seeds are found on (outside) the fruit. In this respect, the strawberry is an exception, since most fruits contain the seeds inside the fruit. It is one of the fruits that everyone loves with its magnificent color and taste. It is also used in many desserts. It accelerates metabolism, is good for stress and depression, helps to reduce kidney stones.

Cherry; The cherry, which is mistaken for cherry in its appearance, can be distinguished by its slightly sour taste and smaller leaves and fruits. It is mostly used in making jam and marmalade. It is loved and consumed by everyone with its taste and appearance.


Cherry; It is one of the sweetest fruits, so consuming too much can raise sugar. One serving means about 100 g of cherries. Sour cherries are a source of vitamin A. Sweet cherries and tart cherries are sources of vitamin C. Both cherries and sour cherries are sources of copper. Sweet cherry is a source of iron for humans. It is a very consumed fruit in Turkey.


Çarkıfelek(passiflora); Passion fruit, a nutritious tropical fruit, is a different alternative for those who want to eat healthy. Passion fruit, which contains powerful vitamins and minerals, is a useful fruit especially for people who have problems such as insomnia, depression and stress. Passion fruit, which is a hard and crusty fruit with a juicy interior and full of seeds, has started to be produced in Turkey in recent years. Purple and wrinkled skins are preferred, cut in half and removed with the help of a spoon. The seeds and juice of the fruit, which is eaten by separating it from its peel, are edible.

Papaya; Papaya fruit, which Christopher Columbus called the 'fruit of the angels', is a natural medicine with numerous benefits to human health. It is used in salads, desserts, juices, confectionery. In its immature state, it can be cooked like zucchini. If the papaya is ripe, you should be able to press the fruit with your thumb. You can cut the fruit in half lengthwise on a cutting board. You can enjoy the papaya fruit by opening the papaya cut in two, separating the seeds and digging it with a spoon. For slicing, you can cut the outer part with the help of a peeler and make fruit cubes. You can prepare milkshakes or smoothies with papaya fruit. You can also add the fruit cubes to the salad. You can find the opportunity to taste this fruit, which has started to be produced in Alanya recently, on your Alanya trip.

Yıldız meyvesi(Karambola); Before consuming the fruit, make sure that it is ripe. Ripe star fruit is only green and yellow. It should be washed thoroughly and consumed. You can consume the star fruit by cutting the ends, slicing and removing the seeds. Star fruit, which is low in calories, is very rich in fiber and vitamin C. It appears to have curative effects on vascular occlusions. It strengthens the immune system. It has a healing effect against heart diseases. It is very useful for quick healing of wounds and gum health.

Altın çilek; It is a fruit with brown, yellow flowers in the middle part. Golden berry is a fruit with a high antioxidant rate. It is stated that it provides great benefits for diabetics to consume. Golden berries are also very rich in fiber. Golden strawberry is one of the foods frequently preferred by people who want to lose weight. It has the effect of accelerating blood circulation.

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