Alanya City Transportation

Alanya City Transportation

Traffic in Alanya district of Antalya is generally calm. Alanya has a flat structure and many places are close to each other. It takes a short time to reach the place you want.

It can be said that there is no traffic in Alanya in general. Problems such as waiting in traffic for a long time are almost never experienced. The coastal road and the 25-meter road (although it is called a 25-meter road, the road is more than 25 meters 😊) are the most used roads in Alanya.

Traveling with the sea view from the coastal road and watching the unique beauty of the sea is a beautiful journey experience. Those who want to go to the center of Alanya mostly use the coastal road.

The cafes on the coastal road are the places preferred by those who come to Alanya on holiday. To go to these cafes, it is necessary to use the coastal road again. It is also possible to go down to the center from the 25-meter road. The 25-meter road is mostly used by sedentary people. You can go to the Friday market, one of the biggest markets in Alanya, from the 25-meter road.

At the stops near the Friday market, there are minibuses and minibuses that you can go to the towns of Alanya. Buses to many places leave from the bus station in the Friday market.

You can get on the bus from the stops at intervals on the coastal road and the 25-meter road. If you want to get off the bus, you specify that you want to get off by pressing the buttons on the bus, and the driver stops at the bus stop and ensures that you get off.

Kent Card is only available through filling points and its application. —  Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

The fare payment systems on the buses are as follows; You can pay with Alanya's own city card with the card reader at the entrance of the buses. You can pay with your credit card. If you do not have a city card or a credit card, you can get a double-use card by giving cash to the driver, and you have to have the card read by the card reader in the same way.

You can get the card by paying 7.5₺ from the city card sales points located in many parts of Alanya. After receiving the card, you can refill your card in the same amount as you want from the card filling places (usually sales and refills are made in kiosks). After you have loaded your card, you can easily make your payment using your card when you get on the bus. If you pay with a city card, 3.65₺ will be deducted from your card for each boarding.

Even if you don't want to buy a city card, you can pay with your international credit card using the card reader in the same way. For payments made using a credit card, the fee is again deducted from your card as 3.65₺.

You did not get a city card and if you do not have a credit card, the price of the 2-use card you will get from the driver on the bus is 10₺. In minibuses and minibuses going to the towns of Alanya, payment is made only in cash. In minibuses and minibuses, the driver gives price information according to your destination.

Transportation in Alanya is very easy. Buses arrive every 15 minutes. You can enjoy your holiday by reaching the place you want in a short time in Alanya, where there is no traffic problem. You can find information about bus times here.


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