Restaurants on the Alanya Castle with Amazing Alanya View

Restaurants on the Alanya Castle with Amazing Alanya View

If you want to taste delicious food while watching the scenery, this article is for you!

The most beautiful common points of the restaurants, which start from the Red Tower and take place with different concepts from the top to the top of the Alanya Castle, are the sea and the view of the city in front of you from where you sit. You can witness a perfect day in Alanya castle, which has witnessed years.

There are the best places to have breakfast, to have lunch or a romantic dinner with your spouse or lover after visiting the castle, and you can also enjoy a delicious variety of dishes accompanied by pleasant conversations with your friends.
You can taste the local breakfast culture of Alanya with open buffet or mixed breakfast varieties with your family or friends in places where you can have breakfast and brunch on weekdays or weekends.

You can take your family or friends for a short trip to Alanya Castle and watch Alanya from a bird's eye view. When you lean your back on the castle, face the sea and take the city to your left, there is nothing like enjoying the postcard view while sipping your drink in your right hand.
You can examine the restaurants on the castle, which has become the center of romantic dinners and appeal to all tastes with its rich menu, from the list compiled by for you.


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